SBW garage doors for the residential segment

SBW solutions for the garage: safety and comfort every day

The garage door is more than just another area for access into your home. It must provide protection and ease of handling; it should thermally insulate the space inside and provide the practical comfort you need when you leave or return home. And, last but not least, the garage door must complete the architectural design of your home.  If you want solutions that stand out by design and performance, we present the SBW doors designed for the residential segment.

We complete your garage project with doors that can perfectly adapt to each design and construction criterion. We work with your architect to ensure the proper implementation of modern, reliable and sustainable solutions.

Of course, you will find in the SBW garage doors the same quality and passion that has recommended us over the 24 years of existence on this market in Romania

The right door for every home

SBW garage door models for the residential segment


First class aesthetic and technical solutions

SBW VIP is a set of garage doors capable of meeting the exclusive architectural requirements specific to the residential segment.

In the case of house designs with atypical architecture, the garage doors are made in direct collaboration with the customer’s architect. That’s why SBW VIP solutions are designed with priority for the special aesthetic and technical elegance requirements.

SBW Igloo

Garage doors with high insulation capacity

The SBW Igloo solutions are the right answer for designs where the main focus is saving the energy indoors.

The Igloo garage doors are fitted with special seals, as well as with rigid polyurethane foam insulation, providing a much-improved thermal insulation compared to standard garage doors.

They are solutions suitable for any type of space, designed for any size and ready to be integrated into an automated access area control system.

SBW Scudo

Garage doors perfectly matching the SBW windows and roller shutters

SBW Scudo sectional garage doors complete the design of the home while maintaining the aesthetic line (through colour and texture) of the SBW windows, doors and roller shutters.

The SBW Scudo doors offer high thermal insulation as well as enhanced protection against intrusion attempts. Their strength and durability lie in the mechanical 4-point rolling and balancing system, along with the torsion springs guaranteed for 25,000 cycles.

Choose a reliable and versatile design regardless of the specific features of the home and/or the residential complex.


High performance garage doors in a balanced budget

High-quality doors, affordable within a balanced budget, SBW YK is the technological solution recommended for customers who want maximum efficiency and the best value for money.

The panels used are double, made of steel protected against corrosion by galvanization with an extra coating of powder in an electrostatic field. All for a long service life, impact resistance and increased thermal insulation thanks to the special layer of polyurethane foam.

SBW Matic

Mechanical systems and accessories for gates

The SBW Matic solutions provide a diverse range of accessories for garage doors and gates in the residential segment.

Sets for gate automation, remote controls and control systems along with specialized accessories perfect for customizing the access area.

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