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What information can a partner request from the Customer Care department?

Customer Care is a department that provides information about: order delivery, order status, other information that can appear on the order flow.

I want a franchise!

To find out more about this topic, check out the Barrier Franchise page and fill out the form at the end of it.

Where can I find more details about Barrier products?

Find out the information you need on our site, starting with the product page: windows, doors and insulating windows. You can also find out more in the “Brochures” section of the Digital Materials page.

What is the maximum size for a PVC joinery?

The maximum size is 4mp in colour and 6mp in white.

Are there additional anti-theft systems installed in the joinery?

The upper class anti-theft is RC2. It has all the mushroom type blockers and the handle with the key, as opposed to the standard one.

Can interior doors be installed without a threshold?

Yes, at Barrier you can produce and install doors without threshold.

What is the set time (in hours) for all the validations required for an order?

The set time is 8 hours. This includes processing, technical and financial validation.

What is the flow of an accessory order? What is their deadline?

Their order has the same order flow as any Barrier product. The delivery time is 3 to 5 business days.

How can one verify if the purchased joinery is of the Barrier brand?

This can be done very easily by scanning the QR code and entering the order code.

What personalization elements with the Barrier brand are on a window produced by us? (pvc + glass)

Blockers, drips, protective foil, profile label, glass label, screen printing on the distance rod.

Where are the certifications for Barrier products?

These can be found in the “Certifications” section of the Digital Materials page.

What is the guarantee offered by the joinery manufacturer?

To find out more about the guarantees offered by Barrier, we invite you to visit the Digital Materials page, the section “Quality assessment manuals”.

What size does a joinery element have to have in order to be transported by a tarp machine if required?

The size required for transport is 4400 x 2200mm.

Which is the type of glass with the best coefficient of light transmission (TL%):

The best light transmission coefficient can be identified on the Float glass.

What colours are available for overlapping rollers?

You can choose your favourite shade from the RAL colour range, your favourite texture and design, and our specialists will help you change the ambience of your home.

What is the minimum size of the lintel at the scudo sectional doors?

The minimum size is 240mm or 180mm with rear springs.

What is the maximum width of the roller mat?

The maximum width is 2500mm on the 39mm blade and 3000mm on the 45mm blade.

What are the main benefits of a self-supporting suspended gate?

The main advantages of a self-supporting suspended gate are the removal of the rail from the pavement that can accumulate ice, debris (requiring permanent cleaning) and quiet operation.

Why choose aluminium joinery?

One of the main advantages offered by aluminium joinery is the service life. As time goes by the aluminium hardens, has a reduced weight compared to PVC and laminated wood, and the coefficient of expansion is very small. Significant differences are also regarding the weight of the glazed surface, keeping the exterior appearance for a long time. It is excellent in terms of the effects of the sun’s rays on it. It is the recommended material for large joints taking into account weight and dilation. Another advantage is the possibility to choose, from a variety of colours and textures, even two-colour, with a remarkable resistance over time.

Which manufacturers does Barrier collaborate with on aluminium profiles?

For aluminium profiles, the following manufacturers are Barrier collaborators: Alumil, Cortizo, Shuco and Aluprof.

Can curtain wall on aluminium be ordered? And how can you find out the price for the transmitted offer?

Yes, you can. The request for the price offer will be sent through the contact form.

Can an order be delivered outside the country, directly from the factory?

Barrier can deliver products to any destination, both from Romania and Europe.

What is the type of glass in the Barrier portfolio that stops up to 99% of ultraviolet rays?

Laminated glass provides special protection and increased comfort. This avoids discoloration of parquet, furniture, curtains or other objects in the room due to ultraviolet rays.

How long is the service life of a PVC and aluminium window?

For PVC windows, the service life is 10 years. For aluminium windows, the service life is 15 years.

Where is it not recommended to use PVC joinery?

The use of PVC profiles is not recommended in large joints where, besides the fact that we have a large expansion coefficient, problems may arise when joining between the heel and the wall, between the heel and the movable sheet, even bending of profiles. The weight of these large joints must also be taken into account. If in aluminium, which is the easiest, the joint systems at the corners are mechanical, in PVC, the joint is by hot melting, but the steel reinforcement cannot be welded.

Also, it is not recommended to use PVC joinery profiles in the case of exterior doors for heavy traffic, interior doors, or glazed interior compartments. Choosing the material variant is quite complicated; there are special cases, so we recommend the advice of a specialist.

How to fix windows?

The windows are fixed to the wall with screws and special fasteners. The fixing elements vary depending on the type of material from which the wall is built (brick, concrete, BCA) on which the window will be mounted. The mounting team will use the fasteners suitable for the wall type.

The climate can be very harsh. How can this affect the PVC profile?

Barrier windows and doors are designed to withstand the extreme weather. The quality of the assembly made of PVC joinery and with insulated glass Barrier can withstand the hottest summers and the strongest sun, as well as the most severe winters, storms and even hail.

What role does foam play?

WINDOWS DO NOT MOUNT IN FOAM. It has a sealing role and is applied between the window sill and the wall. Do not accept the installation of windows only in foam, as there is a risk that they will bend and even fall. It is not recommended to open and close the window less than two hours after foam insulation. After 48 hours after foam sealing the windows, the surplus is removed and the interior / exterior masonry can be finished. If the foam is exposed, there is a risk that it will absorb the water from the precipitation and facilitate the appearance of the mould. The protective sheet of PVC profiles will be removed only after finishing the walls.

What are the glass options available?

Glass options are Float, Lowe, Planistar Sun, Triplex, and a host of other combinations.

What solutions are there to prevent the appearance of condensation?

From the point of view of the physical phenomenon, condensation is the transformation of water from vapours into liquid. The air can absorb more water as the temperature is higher. Therefore, when purchasing the carpentry you opt for quality, in terms of materials, execution and assembly, to obtain a good thermal insulation. In addition to proper ventilation, another important factor for avoiding condensation is adequate room heating and a balanced arrangement of heating sources.

What is the maximum quota of a thermal insulating glass that we can execute?

The maximum quota executed by Barrier is 3499×2000 mm.

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