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We value all our customers, and treat them with the same professionalism , no matter if it’s about a bathroom window or a hotel.

However, we value dealers even more, by giving them a real 30% discount . This way the price they offer to the market will be still competitive while allowing them to make at least 30% profit.

Also, we have factory prices, and different calculation system for the people who need supply only , allowing them for margins up to 100%, while still being competitive on the market.

We respect our dealers and never try to take their customers, but so many times we send some of our customers to our dealers if they are close to them. We have 8 employees and an expensive software which allows us to price within minutes . Most of the time we reply with the price on the same day, however, in some cases could take up to maximum 3 days.

We send you a quote with our price on, and a quote with no price which you, as a dealer, may send it to the final client.

We also subcontract all our fittings to our dealers at very good rates. They must be FENSA registered.

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